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We are committed to deliver energy and water in a safe, competitive, reliable, and responsible manner

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The increasingly competitive micro and macro environment demands compliance with high standard of professionalism

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Northern Mechatronics Engineering Solutions PLC

Northern Mechatronics Engineering Solutions PLC, as depicted in the figure below, has established with the right mix of key personnel’s and with the right mix of key technology capability portfolio that ensures its business objective in the new emerging business environment of industry 4.0 with the following synergistic combinations of business competencies taken as core areas of business specialization in the hi-tech industry:

Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Communication Technologies, Control and System Engineering, Pneumatics/Hydraulics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Embedded System Programming, Industrial and Process automation Technology, Renewable Energy, Physical Security System Engineering, Software Engineering, Information Technology and Telecommunication Engineering.


Our Vision is to become one of the best solution maker company in Mechatronics Engineering in 2035 by realizing digital transformation of organizations.



Enable manufacturing industries to excel their market competitive advantage with the best quality of products and services to create more value to their customers.

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